How It Works

Crime Stopper is a Crime Prevention Tool.

Why is it preferred?

Fear of retaliation

Lack of concern

A reluctance to become involved

As a Prevention Tool



Eliminate Fear and Lack of Concern

The Three Main Components of Reporting Crime

The Community

Law Enforcement

The Media

Law Enforcement

Takes Calls

Passes them on to the proper agency

Agency investigates the tip

If an arrest or recovery of property occurs from the tip a reward is paid

The Pay-Out for the Tip is Submitted to the Crime Stopper’s Civilian Board

The Board looks at the:

Case Summary-brief overview

Arrest Information-who,where,what, when, how

Charges- what type of charge, felony or misdemeanor

Recovery- how much property, drugs, or weapons

Impact of Community-how will this impact the community

Responsibilities of the Board

Finances-Income, expenses, budget, and payouts

Fundraising-All money making activities

Promotional-Promoting the program


“The key to prevention is intelligence and Crime Stoppers is the source of that intelligence.”

Cost Analysis

Non-Profit privately funded by sponsors, donations, and fundraisers

Benefits: Are Immense!

  • Safer Community to live, work, and for our children to play
  • Safer Schools for our children to learn and grow
  • Reduced Fear and Apathy
  • Fewer tax dollars spent on repair and vandalism
  • CA$H Rewards